Schrijvers om de Noord

Egbert Meyers
tekening door Ger Siks

Egbert Meyers

The last to stand

I am a farmers son
my father taught me how to work the land
to sow and harvest on this poor soil
worked with horses and our bare hands
I watched his daily struggle
struggled ’till the bitter end
but the farm was just too small
and it’s no good to pretend

the old fields were sold together
my father was bought out
there was no future and he resigned
took the horses for a last ride out
there came an end to all his worries
there was a new way of life
it was time he said it was best he said
to go and leave the strife

we were farmers, yes we were
worked together on this land
shoulder to shoulder, yes we were
the last to stand

now a new John Deere tractor
pulls its tracks among the crows
thousands of young acacia trees
grow up in rigid rows
and slowly this new harvest
outgrows the seasons of the year
and the leaves fertilise the soil
when fall comes in mist and tears

the new farmer looks at these trees
that stand like a ragged gown
one day he’s gonna take his chainsaw
and harvest ’em all down

last night I took my old Dad to these fields
he remembered his gold waving corn
in silence I stood beside him
thought of all that had been torn
now Daddy, come take my hand
I don’t wanna stay
for all what was ours here
has gone dad and forever passed away

so let it go dad, let it go
shoulder to shoulder, never to part
like you to your own father
I stand with you, heart to heart

Egbert Meyers–Promuze © 2004



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